In a packed meeting room at the Lake Point Restaurant on Monday night December 9, 2019 the members of the Bella Vista Patriots sat silently and were elated to hear leaders of our local social media groups echo the same comments that we have been making since 2003. The Patriots had no idea that there were other groups as dedicated to stand up to the POA board as we have done in the past.

 The Patriots thought the best way to win the December 12 election was to just not vote and the election would fail for the lack of a quorum. That’s the way we won the last election without even pushing the quorum strategy. So, if we went on a campaign to hold our votes we could win again by a landslide.

 However, Monday night, speaker after speaker spoke adamantly about how dedicated their group was to win this next election as to the quorum requirement and the “NO” vote. After hearing such enthusiasm and promise to “Get Out the Vote,” the Patriots realize in order to win this next election we must not be divided. We must agree to join forces if we are to win this next election. This is why the Patriots today switched our signs from “DON’T VOTE” back to “VOTE NO.”


 The Patriots believe in the Arkansas motto: “Regnant Populous” (Latin) meaning “The People Rule.”