God Bless America


In 2003, Lt. Colonel Jim Parsons was having some concerns with the POA.  According to the covenants,books and records are open to all members.  After repeated requests, he was denied information.  He filed a lawsuit under the Freedom of Information Act.

After this experience, he was contacted by others and they decided they could do more as a group.  Presently, there are 200+ members.

Bella Vista Patriots was born…

 In 2005 the Patriots rented a bus and asked the “Concerned Citizens of Bella Vista” (CCOBV) to accompany us to the Capitol to lobby the Legislature to create a Bill that would allow us to become a city. That trip was successful and we became a city in 2006. It’s a good thing we did because the POA could have never been able to pay for the big ticket items of maintaining our roads, police and fire departments.

Meetings are called by the Chairman or Member in good standing.

Each Fall, the Group meets for a picnic networking.