The owners of unimproved lots outnumber the members of improved lots about two to one. Each lot owner gets one vote per lot. The POA is offering the unimproved lot members a zero assessment increase added to their existing $16 a month while the improved lot members will be paying $13 a month more added to their current $24 payment.

 In the real world, these elections would be dead on arrival (DOA) before Election Day for some of the following reasons:

1. It is unfair to place propaganda on how to vote in the same envelope with the ballot.

2. It is illegal to pit the majority of voters with incentives to beat the minority.

3. It is wrong to drop the quorum of 51% on the first two failed elections to 25% on the third attempt.

4. It is unethical, if not illegal, to hold back-to-back elections over the same issue within a matter of a few days and keep moving the goalposts each time.

5. It is unethical to force us to sign our ballots. In the real world, voting machines do not require our signatures. It’s no one’s business how we vote. Voters should be able to vote “YES” or “NO” without anyone knowing how they voted. No one wants to wind up on a black list somewhere, especially the POA’s or Cooper Communities, Inc. (CCI).

6. It is unfair for the POA to place propaganda in with our water bill and we can’t.

7. It is unfair for us to have to pay for the “VOTE YES ” signs then if we want “VOTE NO” signs we have to pay for them out of our own pockets.

8. It’s not right for (CCI) to instruct their employees to steal and destroy any of our “VOTE NO” signs.

9. We have to pay almost $40,000 for another election that we don’t want.

COO Tom Judson has written that after two failed elections with a quorum of 51% the third election falls to a 25% quorum to pass. Some POA Board members have already said there may be that third election if this one fails.

The POA propaganda is that the election is needed because the POA needs more money. If that is so, why did the board vote last month to give the top officials another raise and a couple of big bonuses to two top employees? COO Tom Judson’s salary was $272,742.00 and now it is $273,659.00.

Folks. we  must stick together and defeat this increase.

TLt. Colonel, Jim Parsons (RET)

Chairman Bella Vista Patriots


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